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Having been looking for a new bat for a while, and seeing the same stuff over and over in all sports stores, I felt like going for something a bit different. I must say it was a bit of a leap of faith buying a bat without having physically picked it up, but the guys at England were very good in answering all my questions regarding the weight of the bat and what I could expect. The turnaround time from placing my order to having it arrive at my place was about a week all up, which was about as good as anyone could expect given that it was in the peak cricket-gear-buying season.

The first thing I noticed about the bat was the fantastic build quality - stand it next to any mass-produced bat and the difference is huge. I was tempted to just sit it in the lounge room and keep it as an objet d'art, The second thing I noticed about the bat was the amount of interest it generated when I showed up at practice with it for the first time - there was much bat-tapping, grain counting and other general interest in something that was an obvious rarity in our grade of cricket. But the most impressive thing to date about the bat is the performance out in the middle. Being a pretty ordinary batsman means you get to test out just about every off-centre spot on a bat, and in my first innings using the new toy it was clear that the old hand-jarring I was accustomed to with my old faithful was seriously reduced, even off miss-hit shots high on the splice or off the toe. The few that I did get out of the middle went at least as well as any other bat I've used, but it really is the off-centre ones that were the nicest surprise. The pick up on the bat is also extremely light.

In short, top bat, top service, and certainly something that stands out in a crowd as being a bit different.

(Pakistan, Wapda, Yorkshire County)

Recently I purchased Jawz online and I am only too delighted to say a few words about both the bat and the great service from them. After receiving the bat I was contacted by Jawz as part of their after sales service to ensure that I was happy with the bat. When I first lay eyes on my Private Bin I could hardly believe the outstanding quality and craftsmanship of it. After using it for the first time I could also hardly believe how good it felt in dispatching balls away. Having played cricket for the past 18 years I still in fact can’t believe the difference between my Private Bin and the many other bats I have used and this is echoed by my team mates who have had a hit with it. I thoroughly recommend all cricketers to discover and feel the difference for themselves. I also recommend them for their great range, great prices and genuine belief in making the customer happy which is so enjoyably refreshing. 

(Pakistan under 19, Wapda)