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JAWZ Edge has large grains that run down the face of the bat. With optimal willow wood distribution to the central strike zone, the JAWZ Edge allows for maximum response while the curved toe provides for extra pickup. Made from Genuine English Willow, are available in short and long handles. Thick edges with large straight grains and a nice bow to the blade make these bats an excellent choice.


  • Pre-Knocked
  • Nice Bow to the blade.
  • Exclusive designed for top level players 
  • Unbleached English willow.
  • Power dominating stroke maker.
  • The high spine and big edges give this bat a huge hitting area the relishes the English conditions
  • 'Dynamic Power' shaped face
  • Cane handle which gives ease of stroke making.
  • Naturally air dried willow for increased performance and durability
  • Weight range 2lb 7oz - 2lb 12oz